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Jungle Love


Post by: Tales From The Surface

It’s almost noon. A time of day in the jungle when I can move about in relative safety. Most predators hunt under the cover of darkness save the big cats. I have to be careful not to stray into the proximity of the tigers acute senses. Surely I would fall prey to such an agile predator before I was presented scarcely an opportunity to defend myself. As of now, I see mostly the occasional jungle fowl or gamecock, hardly intimidating. Aware of the danger, I stay the course. The prize outweighs the risk, and the risk of being discovered changes by the minute.



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Submitted by: Team L&L




W 080.30.858

Difficulty: 3 Stars / Terrian: 5 Stars

Waypoint: GCHXW6

July 1,2006

   We had been looking forward to doing this cache for quite sometime, and figured day one, of an eleven day vacation of doing nothing but relaxing, caching and paddling could not be better spent.  We had recently upgraded our kayaks paddles, and figured this would be the ideal spot to try them out.   N. R. Goodale State Park is over 750 acres of pure natural beauty.    The cache location is accessible only by water and preferrable kayak or canoe as trolling motors will easily get tangled in the vegatation.  We put in at a sandbar where a young family was picnicing and fishing.  The mother was very interested in the kayaks, and we explained to her and her children what geocaching is about.  Once in the water, the family wished us luck on our “treasure hunt” and we were off.  From the side of the lake we put in on you immediatly begin the paddle through a cluster of cypress trees to get to the widest part of the lake.  Off in the distance on the other side we saw a battered old sign marking the entrance to the trail.  Once on the trail, the path narrows considerably in areas, and you quickly get the feel you are in the middle of nowhere, and it is so quite, all you hear is the sound of nature.  Kayaks are ideal for this trail, as they can be maneuvered easily in the shallowest of waters, the water level on this trail is good, but there are several areas along the trail where logs are in the water and close to the surface, and you can feel friction beneath you. We saw so many different species of birds along this trail, I cannot begin to count. There are also wood duck boxes spread out along the trail in the wider openings.  The tall cypress tress are breath taking with their “knees” exposed above the water’s surface.  Around a mile in on the trail we spotted the cache, an ammo box above the water line. After finding the cache, and taking a shark’s tooth from it, we began our paddle out.  In hindsight, we both wished we would have paddled the entire three mile trail, but temps were approaching the 100 degree mark and we had drank most of our water provisions, so we thought it best to head back out.  After about a three hour round trip we returned to our put in spot the find the family still there waiting excitedly to hear of our adventure and if we had indeed found the treasure. The family helped us get the kayaks back on land and load our gear.  I gave the young mother the sharks tooth I had taken from the cache.

Yes indeed we had found the treasure……of nature, of geocaching, and of fellowship.

Team L&L

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Writing Great Online Logs

Post by: Tales From The Surface

 Here is a great article by Cybret of Geocaching University that we can all benifit from, “Writing Great Online Logs“.

Bret discusses the reason for writing great online logs, and gives a good example of how to organize your thoughts to write more creative logs.


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Dave Ulmer and the first geocache

 Post by: Tales From The Surface

I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I stumbled across this video. Ladies and gentleman, Dave Ulmer prepared and placed the first geocache in the world. This video shares his original footage, along with a segment showing Team360 preparing the site for the Original Stash Plaque.

Note the number on the top of the log in the video, “stash #1”.


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Post by: Tales From The Surface

M.A. Sutton Park by: Team Rocket Dog

This cache was placed by Team Rocket Dog on 1/28/07 in Elberton Georgia. It is one of four actually in Elberton as of this posting.

This cache is located in Sutton Park and is very family friendly. Many picnic tables, granite of course, wooden bridge creek crossings, and a great walking trail.



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Post by: Tales From The Surface

UnknownAny Gun Can Play by: Lounging at Walden

I find geocache listings like this entertaining. Being listed in California, there is probably a good chance I’m not going to be able to run right out and get this one.

The idea is for the cacher to watch the video to obtain the coordinates to the final cache location.

Check it out for yourself, I think you will enjoy it.

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A Cache in all 50 States

 Post By: Tales From the Surface

I stumbled upon this post in another blog. It is about a cacher who is completeing his quest for a cache in all 50 states and made a video of his last two states.

 The final two states are Nevada and New Mexico with a visit to Geo Woodstock. His caching name is DavidMac and his log entry for his 50th state is White’s City Madness (a.k.a. The Phantom Bathroom).

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