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:) 2007 Smiley Awards :)

The Smiley Awards will be presented at the January meeting of the USCGA.
Now is your chance to let the rest of the caching world know just how much you enjoy caching in the Upstate!

Nominations will be taken from the September 2007 meeting until the November 2007 meeting.

Details are on the forums at:  www.scgeocaching.net

Nine awards will be given in the following categories:

Micro – Most Creative
Micro – Most Difficult
Micro – Best Liked
Regular – Most Creative
Regular – Most Difficult
Regular – Best Liked
Puzzle/Mystery – Most Creative
Puzzle/Mystery – Most Difficult
Puzzle/Mystery – Best Liked
A tenth award will be given for Best Series.


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The following is FastFrank’s recap of our September 2007 USCGA meeting, which was held in Anderson.


This was a well attended meeting/event that was hosted by BenjaminBeav at Sadler’s Creek BBQ close to Hartwell Lake. After a great meal we opened the meeting with traditional introductions around the room. We had visitors from as far away as New Hampshire and newcomers to the upstate that have just moved here from Michigan (Megadutch). We discussed past events that the USCGA has been involved with since the July meeting and future events that USCGA members may want to attend. We announced the Smiley Awards nominations and elections. The nominations will run from now until the next meeting in October and the elections will continue until the January meeting where we will announce the winners. The USCGA will participate in the upcoming Cachetoberfest that will be held at Dreher Island Park at Lake Murray. There was no new business brought up. We had a little raffle and an exchange of travel bugs to end the meeting. I believe a good time was had by all.

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A clean up event was held on Saturday September 15th 2007 at Lake Cherokee at Gaffney SC. A group from the USCGA went to lend a hand, kayak, and canoe and over 600 lbs. of trash was picked up, and cleaned up!


After the picking came the eating! Great chili-burgers and chili-dogs were passed around, to the pleasure of the hungry cachers.

This event coincided with the annual State Beach Sweep / River sweep events held throughout the state. 

Many thanks to CoinsandPins.com, Nestle’ Frozen Foods, and the DNR for raffle prize donations which were given away to the crew. 

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