The USCGA Chili Cookoff has come and gone!

On a lovely Winter(?) day, with the temps in the mid to high 60’s, we gathered to share in a quest for the Upstate’s best chili!

There was the tasting…

And a note…

Another taste…

Whew! That’s hot!

And a little more…


Ok…now THAT’S HOT!

And once we had gone through all of the Chili entries…

 the ever-popular “Phone-a-friend” was used…

And the final votes were tallied,

We ALL came to the decision that, like our fearless leader, it was time for a nap!

As we tell new cachers in the area, “When you come to a USCGA meeting, two things are certain. We will eat, and we will laugh!” We certainly did eat, and laughter was ringing throughout. I have a new appreciation for squirrels, napkins, water, and Alaskan Reindeer Chili!Thanks to Fountainb, for all of the coordination and training!

Many, MANY thanks to those who came, ate, and helped turn this day into yet another reason to be a part of the USCGA!


USCGA Chili Cook-off!

USCGA Chili Cook-off

Saturday, December 8

N 34° 44.468 W 082° 15.009   

Think you have what it takes to make the world’s best chili? Ready to unleash your recipe to the World?

Let the USCGA gang help!

Come to the Heart of the Upstate, Simpsonville City Park, and join us for some fun and fellowship to kick off the holiday season.

We’ll provide beverages and utensils, competitors provide the chili!

We’ll be ready and waiting at 11:30 am at the large picnic shelter.

Chili Cook-off Details

Competitor’s Entry fee: $10

Eating fee: $5 per person, requires you to vote for your favorite chili.


We’ll arrange to have electric and/or gas stoves available to keep chili warm.

To eat, you pay $5 for a voting card and all-you-can-eat chili. Feel free to bring any condiments you like (cheese, snacks, chips, etc.)

All contestants will also be allowed to vote and eat at no additional charge.

As an added bonus, antacid will also be provided free-of-charge!

You must sample and submit your vote for favorite chili. We would like to have all voting completed by 12:00. Once all ballots have been submitted, then get ready to dive in!

We will judge based on four merits:

1.  Appearance

2. Texture

3. Aroma

4. Flavor

Judging will be done on a 1-star to 5-star basis, with 1 being “bland” and 5 being “WOW!”

We will have First, Second, and Third place winners.

First place will receive 25 % of total money collected

Second Place will receive 15 % of total money collected

Third place will receive 10 % of total money collected

The remaining 50 % will go towards the costs of the two-year development service of the new USCGA website.

After the pots and pans have been put away, stick around for a little fun (and work those added calories off at the same time!) by joining in on the USCGA Disc Golf Tournament at the same location!

Canoe/Kayak/Camping Adventure

The following was written by Beth of Fountainb.

It nicely sums up the weekend excursion!

Be on the lookout for the next one!!!

Things I Learned at the River1. A long journey can be more fun with friends.

2. Guys will treat a lady right even if she takes part in a “mostly guy” event.

3. You can overcome challenges and still have a good time–in fact, that’s part of the fun.

4. It’s best to live life with a balance between boundaries and freedom.

5. You’re less self-conscious about the everyday needs of life when out with a bunch of guys in the outdoors.

6. Food tastes better outside.

7. You can get wet and still laugh.

8. God did a great job creating nature.

9. Cows are more afraid of you than you are of them.

10. Currents change but you can make it with the help of others.

11. You don’t enjoy the journey if you are always looking too far down the river.

12. Most places in creation, including our hearts and minds, need a CITO now and then.

13. Be prepared.

14. Not everyone likes sushi, but many are willing to try.

15. We don’t know what’s around the next bend, but chances are it’s pretty cool and if it’s not, we don’t have to face it alone.
20 plus hours.

Most guys and 2 gals

And by the end of it,

All were pals

20 plus miles.

Canoes and kayaks.

Paddles and tents

Earning of cache.

20 plus pounds

Of food and gear.

Steak, dogs and “cat.”

Wish you were here.

20 plus critters.

A river run.

Some got wet.

All had fun.

The New Site is Live!

As always, MANY thanks to those responsible for putting it all together. As it is a constant work in progress, you may experiance some bumpy turbulance from time to time. Please keep your seats in the locked, upright position, click on the USCGA Forum link to your right, and Happy Trails!

November Meeting Followup

Our meeting was held in a quaint little town of Buffalo, near Union, where the Southern charm was a sweet as the iced tea!

 Thanks to the Sweetwater Kids and Shadrap’s gang for providing the group with such a nice, mellow atmosphere to socialize. Also, thanks to everyone for the donations to the Pregnancy Center!

 More follow-ups can be found on the cache-page Here!

:) 2007 Smiley Awards :)

The Smiley Awards will be presented at the January meeting of the USCGA.
Now is your chance to let the rest of the caching world know just how much you enjoy caching in the Upstate!

Nominations will be taken from the September 2007 meeting until the November 2007 meeting.

Details are on the forums at:  www.scgeocaching.net

Nine awards will be given in the following categories:

Micro – Most Creative
Micro – Most Difficult
Micro – Best Liked
Regular – Most Creative
Regular – Most Difficult
Regular – Best Liked
Puzzle/Mystery – Most Creative
Puzzle/Mystery – Most Difficult
Puzzle/Mystery – Best Liked
A tenth award will be given for Best Series.

The following is FastFrank’s recap of our September 2007 USCGA meeting, which was held in Anderson.


This was a well attended meeting/event that was hosted by BenjaminBeav at Sadler’s Creek BBQ close to Hartwell Lake. After a great meal we opened the meeting with traditional introductions around the room. We had visitors from as far away as New Hampshire and newcomers to the upstate that have just moved here from Michigan (Megadutch). We discussed past events that the USCGA has been involved with since the July meeting and future events that USCGA members may want to attend. We announced the Smiley Awards nominations and elections. The nominations will run from now until the next meeting in October and the elections will continue until the January meeting where we will announce the winners. The USCGA will participate in the upcoming Cachetoberfest that will be held at Dreher Island Park at Lake Murray. There was no new business brought up. We had a little raffle and an exchange of travel bugs to end the meeting. I believe a good time was had by all.